Doctor of Divinity Degree

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The Doctor of Divinity degree is an honorary title granted by the ULC to ministers who dedicate themselves to greater understanding of the divine.

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Doctor of Divinity Degree Details

Do you feel your ministry calling you to the next step? The Doctor of Divinity issued by the Universal Life Church Ministries is an honorary degree that grants the recipient the title "Doctor of Divinity."

Members of the ULC are lifelong learners, ever searching for answers to life's great questions. Who are we? How did this world come to be? Are greater powers at work, and if so, how can we better understand them?

This honorary divinity degree is a direct reflection of a commitment to greater knowledge of the divine. Obtaining the Doctor of Divinity title designates the bearer as someone who has fully committed themselves to the study of divinity and all of its mysteries.

With that in mind, each Doctor of Divinity degree also comes with the ULC's educational booklet, the Guide to Divinity.

With your name written in calligraphy, this elegant document is sure to stand out on a wall and is ideal for framing or display.

Note: the Doctorate of Divinity is an honorary title only, it is not accredited.


  • Any titles in the name field will be removed (example: Reverend John Doe P.H.D.).
  • The date displayed on the degree/title will be the ordering date, not your date of ordination.

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