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ULC ministers often conduct baptism ceremonies. This Baptism Set includes the essential training and materials you'll need to effectively officiate a baptism.

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Baptism Set Details

Baptisms are a key ceremony ULC ministers may be called upon to conduct. If you're preparing to lead a baptism and need guidance, our package offers a comprehensive foundation.

The ceremony of baptism is deeply symbolic, representing the purification and spiritual rebirth of an individual into their faith community. It signifies the start of a spiritual journey and a commitment to religious life.

Our Guide to Baptisms includes a historical background of the ceremony, details on various baptism practices, and a step-by-step guide to conducting one, complete with a sample script. This kit also includes three high quality baptism certificates with the gold foil church seal and beautiful scroll detailing around the outer edges. These make a wonderful keepsake for the ceremony. Finally, we've added a traditional clergy badge to complete your ceremony look.

The Baptism Set Contains:

For more information about performing a baptism, please visit our Baptism Training Guide.

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