Discover Your Master Chakra

Reveal the Source of Your Spiritual Gifts

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Find out how you fit into this world; learn what gifts you possess, your strengths and your weaknesses, as well as how to harness it all to your benefit.

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Whether you are just learning about chakras or are seasoned in your personal journey, Discover Your Master Chakra is a great resource to help you along your way to learning more about yourself and your impact on those around you.

The book starts off with a simple quiz to determine your master chakra and its corresponding color. Each chakra color represents a unique energy in life that you can learn to harness through chakra meditation as well as progressing through the workbooks included within the chapters in this book.

Perhaps you are a deep thinker, or are great at teaching. You could have an artistic eye or leadership skills. Even things like naturally helping others or promoting ideas require a special gift and each has its own chakra.

Whatever your gifts may be, studying this book will refine them to improve the relationships in your life and the well-being of others in it. Author Stephanie S. Larsen even identifies common traps that holders of each master chakra tend to fall into so you can learn from the mistakes, and therefore the wisdom of those that have come before.

Once you've learned all about your master chakra, the book goes on to explain side chakras and how they interact with your master chakra, as well as delving into the relationship styles that tend to occur between people with different chakra colors. This book is truly an in-depth guide written by a woman with over six years of hands-on experience working with others around the world.

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