Animal Speak

The Spiritual & Magical Powers of Creatures Great & Small

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Learn to communicate with nature and all its creatures. Discover your spirit animal and the spiritual significance of more than 100 birds, insects, and animals.

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All living beings have the gift of communication in one form or another. This guide will help you strengthen your ability to both speak with non-human animals and, more importantly, to listen to them. There are more ways to convey information than merely speaking. This book takes into account non-verbal communication such as body language. Discover ways to open your heart and mind to the lessons the animal kingdom can teach you.

Through your readings you can:

  • Explore the the spiritual importance of over 100 different mammals, birds, reptiles, and insects
  • Discover and attune to your spirit animals
  • Learn to utilize 5 magical animal rites like sacred dances and shape shifting
  • Call upon your animal totem for protection

This bestselling book is a great reference for ordained ministers hoping to forge a connection with nature and the wonders of the animal world.

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