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ULC Ministers in the News

ULC ministers in the news

Stories about ceremonies performed by ULC ministers frequently make their way into the news; read some of these stories here.

Universal Life Church Ministries ministers cover the globe, so it stands to reason that some of them end up in the news for their ministerial exploits.

The following links will direct you to online articles and news stories which feature men and women who became legally ordained online through the Universal Life Church.

Know about a ULC minister who appeared in the news but does not appear on this list? Let us know about it and we will be happy to post their story here!

If you want to see images and videos of ULC ministers in action as they perform gay marriage ceremonies in New York City, visit’s Pop-Up Chapel page by clicking here.

Graham Cairns, Australian ABC News Radio reporter Rev. Cairns, an ordained minister of the Universal Life Church Ministries, talks with fellow ABC Radio Australia employee Christopher Welsh about the beliefs and purpose of the world’s largest online ministry.

Conan O’Brien, entertainer and host of Conan Conan O’Brien became ordained through the Universal Life Church on Oct. 21, 2011 to perform a Jewish wedding ceremony for Scott Cronick, Conan’s costume designer, and his partner.

Russell Brand, entertainer and movie star Eccentric British movie star Russell Brand decided to invigorate his spirituality after being encouraged to do so by the family of his fiancee, American singer Katy Perry. He turned to the ULC to help him do so. Within weeks, Rev. Brand had pulled a young couple, Scarlett and Will de Boor, on stage during a stand-up performance and performed a legally-recognized and binding wedding ceremony for them in front of an audience of hundreds.

Lucy Punch – Hollywood beauty, ULC minister Lucy Punch, an British actress who has appeared in movies like Hot Fuzz and Bad Teacher, performed a legally-recognized wedding ceremony for a friend at a chateau in France. In doing so, the glamorous Punch proves just how international ULC marriages can be.

Bex Schwartz and Erica Reid Gerdes WBEZ writer Claire Zulkey speaks with Rev.’s Schwatrz and Reid Gerdes about why they became pastors with the ULC Ministries, how easy it was to become legally ordained online, and the wedding ceremonies they have performed.

Christopher Bartow, hypnotherapist A professional “hypnotherapist” from Ellensburg, WA, Rev. Bartow counsels people thanks in part to his ULC online ordination.

Joseph DeMartino officiates a gay wedding ceremony in Massachusetts Rev. DeMartino performed the wedding ceremony of Genilson Brandao and Mark Lenhart on Sept. 3, 2011 in Provincetown, Mass.

Adrian Lamo, threat analyst Rev. Lamo’s testimony was key in the high-profile Bradley Manning WikiLeaks case, where he provided evidence that Manning, an Army officer stationed in Iraq, approached him via AOL instant messenger and informed him that he leaked State Department documents.