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Our History

History of the Universal Life Church

The Universal Life Church history begins with Kirby J. Hensley. As the ULC’s founder, he greatly contributed to making the process of online ordination possible through his strong belief in religious freedom. Dismayed by conservative religious sentiment in 1959, Hensley formed the “Life Church” and began his search for the real meaning and message of religion. Eventually, Hensley concluded that religion is entirely a personal matter and should not to be restricted to a single faith. Upon reaching this conclusion, Hensley preached that a person should have the right to choose their beliefs so long as they do not trample upon the beliefs of others. This idea forms the underlying basis of the Universal Life Church Philosophy

The Universal Life Church obtained its current name in 1962. Thanks to Hensley’s tireless effort on behalf of religious freedom and self -expression, the Universal Life Church is the pioneer and torch-bearer for online ordinations and ministries. Hundreds of people become legally ordained online every day through the ULC and many famous individuals – like John Lennon of the Beattles, filmmaker Kevin Smith, and the great Johnny Carson – have become ordained as well. Today, through the ongoing effort of the Universal Life Church Ministries’s Presiding Chaplain G. Martin Freeman, the Universal Life Church has more than doubled its online presence and expanded its ministry through the United States, Canada and the world.

Today, the Universal Life Church Ministries serves hundreds of thousands of ministers throughout the world and has proudly made just as many legally-recognized weddings possible. Its active involvement in the online ministry community has cemented its place as the number one site for everyday people to become legally ordained online.

Our Mission

One of the central tenets of the Universal Life Church Ministries is: “Follow God, however you conceive him to be.” This speaks to the emphasis the ULC Ministries places on the freedom of religion; in fact, complete religious freedom and tolerance is its¬†ultimate goal. People of all religious denominations¬†complete the ULC Ministries’s online ordination process; the ULC proudly incorporates Protestant, Catholic, Jewish, Muslim, Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, Jains, Wiccans, and other groups under its all-encompassing banner. Many ministers choose not to conform to any religious denomination at all, choosing instead to pick andchoose aspects of a variety of religions that appeal to them. A large portion of ULC ministers are also atheistic or agnostic. In general, the ULC Ministries believes that being non-judgmental and open-minded are qualities of good human beings and should be possessed by all of its ministers. The ULC Ministries strives
to ordain every person on Earth so as to unite the followers of every belief system with its message of universal faith of brotherhood, sisterhood and peace everywhere. The earth can be a beautiful place to live and you are needed to make it happen.

Online ordination through The ULC Ministries is fast, free, and allows you to continue to serve any religion or faith after you complete the ordination process. ULC ministers can legally perform wedding, baptismal, and funeral ceremonies (among other things) in most states and counties of the United States with their ordination. To know more about Universal Life Church and its message, or to become a minister, please visit  .