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The ULC Network: a community of minister spread throughout the entire world. Become ordained to join us today!

The sun never sets on the Universal Life Church / ULC Network. A community of over 20 million men and women from around the world have become legally ordained through the Universal Life Church since it was founded and hundreds more are getting ordained each day. The ULC Network, as the largest online ministry in the world, can guarantee that involved members will never feel alone.

If you have not already done so, get ordained online through the ULC Ministries to gain many of the privileges enjoyed by ministers and other religious officials in the United States. You will then be able to join one of the fastest-growing online religious communities.

Universal Life Church ministers who want to explore their spirituality, discuss their beliefs, or simply meet new and exciting people should visit the following sites provided by the ULC Ministries for its ministers, free of charge.

To read what ULC ministers have said about their experience with the Universal Life Church Ministries, please read our collection of ministerial testimonials. Our ministers have done some truly impressive things with their ordination and we are sure you will appreciate what they have to say.

ULC Networking Resources

Universal Life Church Ministers’ Network: 22,000 ULC ministers – and counting – call this online social network home. It is an ideal place for ministers to participate in friendly yet stimulating religious discourse or simply get to know the ULC Ministries’s other ministers once they become ordained.

ULC Community Forum: Like the Ministers’ Network, the ULC Forum encourages debate on important topics in religion, politics, and society.

ULC Blog :The ULC Ministries’s principle blog is perhaps the world’s most popular religious blog run by an online ministry. As the mouthpiece for the ULC Ministries, this blog discusses important current topics in the religious, political, and social spheres. It is updated multiple times a week with well-written stories to guarantee fresh and enlightening content.

ULC Ministers in the News

Read online news articles about what your fellow Universal Life Church Ministries ministers are doing with their ordinations!

Let us know if you, a friend, or a complete stranger appeared in a news article or television or radio spot after they used their ULC ordination to perform a ceremony and we will post them on this page!