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The Universal Life Church Ministries is a non-denominational online ministry and is perhaps one of the largest communities of ordained ministers in the world. It believes that everyone, regardless of their religious beliefs or affiliations, should be able to get ordained online to celebrate their own spirituality and to perform wedding ceremonies for their friends and family.

Many people don’t know how to become an ordained minister, and they want to find out. It’s easy to become an ordained minister online in the ULC Ministries, and your ordination in the church will be legally recognized in most U.S. states and jurisdictions. Because we believe that every person has a spark of divine wisdom inside them, we do not require our ministers to earn traditional minister credentials. After all, many religious leaders did not. Ordination is fast and free, and lasts for life. Get ordained online today and change your life!

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Benefits of Online Ordination

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It’s easy to become an ordained minister, just go online to any Universal Life Church and click our “Get Ordained” button. Fill in your full name and address, and flash! — You are a minister. All ULC sites provide a printable credential receipt; we will mail you a hard copy of your Ministers License upon request. As a ULC Minister you can legally perform a marriage ceremony and sign the marriage license, just like any other pastor, priest, or religious rabbi. For more information about the marriage laws of all fifty U.S. states.

As a ULC minister, you will be a legally recognized wedding officiant, funeral officiant, or baptism officiant, among other things. When couples need a wedding officiant to perform their wedding, you will be able to offer them your personalized services without going through the often unfair and unjustified hassle of traditional seminary training. The advantage of online ordination is that it allows couples to choose a friend or relative as their wedding officiant instead of a stranger who has a piece of paper, but no particular personal interest. To find out how to become a minister to perform the above services or get answers to other questions about online ordination, simply contact us.

Among the services you will be able to perform are the following:

Legality of Online Ordination

ULC ministers should note that the services listed above can be performed by those who carry the ULC Ministries minister license in most U.S. states and counties. Because laws vary greatly from state to state and county to county, it is prudent for ULC ministers to check with the county clerk of the county where they plan to offer their services before they do so. Additionally, wedding laws vary widely from country to country, so we recommend you to check with your local jurisdictions to find out whether they legally recognize ULC ordinations and ministers who get ordained online. While we strive to make online ordination legally recognized as widely as possible, it is always better to be safe than sorry.