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Use this section of to learn how to officiate a wedding, download a free playlist of classical wedding tunes complied by the ULC staff, and more.

While the ULC Monastery does not offer ministerial training courses, nor does it require its ministers to complete any before or after they become ordained online, there are a handful of educational materials and helpful resources that we feel our ministers should have access to. These materials and resources will help our ministers learn how to perform ceremonies, develop their spirituality, and learn about the belief systems of people throughout the world, among other topics.

ULC ministers are not required to read, learn, or memorize the church supplies listed below; instead, they should merely take advantage of them whenever they need to do so.

Please note that the church supplies contained within this section are far from comprehensive; they are meant to lead you in the right direction but will most likely not answer all your questions or provide everything you are looking for.

You must have Adobe Reader, a computer program that allows you to read PDFs, in order to view these documents. Download the Adobe Reader here.

If you need assistance with downloading any of the materials contained on this page, feel free to e-mail us at and our staff will be delighted to assist you.

Wedding Music

ULC wedding music - free download

Download a comprehensive collection of classic wedding music through the ULC!

As with any good party or celebration, the music played at the wedding ceremonies you perform will have a major impact on the enjoyment of the guests, the couple, and their families. The ULC Monastery staff has compiled playlists of classic and contemporary wedding tunes – perfect for both the ceremony itself and the following reception – that you can use to help the couple prepare for their wedding.

The ULC Monastery has also compiled a playlist of classic wedding music, with tunes like “Pachelbel’s Canon” and “Wagner’s Bridal Chorus”, that can be downloaded for free.

Click here to visit the Wedding Music section of to look and listen to these playlists or to download the ULC Wedding Music Collection.

Feel free to suggest your favorite wedding tunes if we omitted them from either list!

Guide to Planning and Performing Weddings

A guide on how to officiate a wedding

Learn how to plan and officiate a wedding through this handy guide!

Thanks to the near-universal recognition of the Universal Life Church Monastery’s ordination within the United States, many of our ministers are able to perform wedding ceremonies for friends and family members after becoming ordained online through us. Most of our ministers have little experience planning and officiating weddings before receiving our online ordination, however, so the ULC Monastery staff has put together a 15 page guide in order to provide an introductory look at how to do these things.

Click here to download the Universal Life Church Monastery’s Guide to Planning and Performing Weddings.

Individual articles from this PDF can be found on in the Perform A Wedding section.

Please be aware that while 48 US states accept the ULC ordination, two states (Pennsylvania and Virginia) generally do not. Make sure that you are familiar with State Wedding Laws before you officiate a wedding or the marriages you solemnize may be invalidated by state governments.

Guide to Baptisms

Baptisms are one of the kinds of ceremonies ULC ministers perform

Baptisms are one of the four main varieties of ceremonies ULC ministers perform. Get an introductory look into how to perform one with this guide!

This guide contains information about the history of baptisms, a sample baptismal rite, and a list of scripture readings from the Bible ideal for baptisms (among other things).

Click here to download the ULC Monastery’s Guide to Baptisms.

Please note that you are not legally required to be ordained or have any particular forms of ministerial documentation to perform a baptism, though most parents prefer that an ordained minister, priest, rabbi, preacher, or other religious leader be the person who initiates their child into the Christian faith.

Guide to Funerals

A free download that teaches ULC ministers how to perform a funeral

Learn how to officiate a funeral!

If a friend or family has died recently, you may be asked to lend your ministerial services by performing the funeral or burial ceremony. While it is far from extensive, this introductory guide to officiating funerals will help you learn how to console the family, plan the ceremony, choose scripture and readings for the service, and how to present yourself during the funeral.

Click here to download the ULC Monastery’s Guide to Funerals.

The planning sheet download listed below will help you plan any funeral service you are asked to perform; we advise that you at least take a look at it if your ministerial services have been solicited for a burial ceremony.

Please note: funerals are not controlled by the government as marriages are; you will not need any documentation to perform one.

Religious Texts – Bible, Quran, Talmud, Bhagavad Gita

ULC King James Bible

Download the King James Bible from the ULC for free!

The ULC Monastery has gotten its hands on a PDF copy of the King James Bible, the Quran, and commentaries on the Talmud, all of which you can download for free from this site.

Click here to download a copy of the King James Bible.

Click here to download a copy of the Quran with commentaries.

Click here to download a book about the Talmud.

Click here to download the Bhagavad Gita.

Please let us know if you are aware of free online copy of a religious text that you would like to see in this section of so that we can offer it to your fellow ministers!

Funeral Planning Sheet

This sheet will help you plan a funeral when a family member or friend passes away and will help ease the burden of their death on the bereaved.

Download a funeral planning sheet here.

This planning sheet is intended to be a complement for the Guide to Funerals downloadable above. Please make sure to look at this introductory guide if you are planning on performing a burial ceremony.

Ministry Materials

Free church supplies for your ministry

Use these materials to both help your ministry and help you be a better religious leader.

The following materials will prove helpful if you are planning on starting your own ministry or are interested in being a Christian leader in your community. These books and pamphlets should be used as guides – always make sure to double check the information these guides give with government officials on issues concerning taxes, licensing, and so forth.

Be an Effective Bible Class Teacher

Biblical Counseling Guide

Keeping your Church Financially Healthy

Name Change Guide

ULC Name Change Guide

Download this name change guide and send it to the couples whose weddings you perform.

Many (perhaps most) marriages entail at least one of the newlyweds undergoing a name change. Universal Life Church ministers should help the couples whose weddings they perform plan out their name changes. To help, we have prepared this name change guide to help our ministers aid their family, friends or clients; download and distribute it as much as is necessary!

Click here to download the ULC Monastery’s Guide to Name Changes.

Please let us know if you are aware of or have found any supplemental materials or information regarding how to change your name and we will gladly incorporate them into this name change guide.

Finally, the ULC Monastery staff is looking for more pragmatic, post-marriage subjects to write guides about. Please let us know if there are any topics that you can think of that pertain to things couples must do or plan for after their marriage has been solemnized.


The following downloadables are coming soon…

Encyclopedia of Religions

Introduction to World Deities



Let us know if you have suggestions for downloadable materials!