Poking fun at the "evil" in Japan's Pocket Monsters

The second "Fear Sermon" post discusses the occult practices that some individuals find in Pokemon, the cute and innocent cartoon animals adored by millions of children throughout the world.

Please note that this sermon was written from the perspective of some overly-sensitive adults actually believe in the ideas expressed below. While they represent a small minority of the population, some radical Christians find Biblical reasons for why childhood crazes like Pokemon are "occult" and "evil". Universal Life Church ministers should be aware that these people exist and should make an effort to counteract their fear mongering whenever our ministers encounter it.

Pokemon are occult Satanic creatures

The entertainment industry is rife with corrupting influences that force the occult and the anti-Christian upon the children of the world. Once such influence is Pokemon, or POCKet MONsters, which is notorious for incorporating Eastern mysticism and witchcraft into deceptively cute and cuddly Satanic creatures. While the Pokemon craze is nowhere near as strong as it used to be, the unnatural ways in which devilish creatures like Pikachu and Jigglypuff seize the hearts and minds of little children is a clear sign of the Devil's handiwork. Pokemon, in general, are purveyors of supernatural abilities. They conjure fire, water, thunder storms, and other phenomena that go against God. Many Pokemon take on vile forms that the Bible clearly warns against. For example, Ekans (backwards for "snake") is a serpent Pokemon and Charizard and Dragonite are dragons. The Bible clearly delineates that these two kinds of creatures are surrogates of evil and God-fearing Christians should thus avoid them at all costs. It is terrifying to think that children around the world gladly "play" with creatures associated with the Devil every day.

The traits and characteristics Pokemon possess can be just as Satanic as Pokemon themselves. Take the "psychic" Pokemon, for instance. Now you may be thinking "Surely this popular, seemingly innocent children's game doesn't discuss the practice of back-alley cults and Devil-worshipers?" This is unfortunately the case! One concerned mother recently overheard her son telling a friend that he would "use his psychic powers" against his friend's Pokemon while playing with their trading cards. Statements like these are incontrovertible proof that the sinister creators of Pokemon are attempting to condition the world's children with the occult practice of psychic powers!

Pokemon are occult Satanic creatures

Perhaps the most threatening of the psychic Pokemon are Abra, Kadabra, and Alakazam. These names should sound familiar - they are classic incantations uttered by those who participate in witchcraft. Images of Kadabra even feature several symbols associated with the occult, like a pentagram printed on its forehead and the unholy triple S motif on its stomach. In some media, Kadabra even appears with its three fingers raised in a Satanic salute. The Eastern mysticism of the Japanese has caused them to incorporate Satanic symbols into children's characters in an attempt to pollute their minds. What's more, these three sinister Pokemon "evolve" into one-another by spontaneously changing physical forms. This "evolution" is clearly shape-shifting, another trait commonly associated with witchcraft.

The world of Pokemon wouldn't be beyond redemption if the people who inhabited it possessed Biblical morals, but this is sadly not the case. Gary, the childhood friend and rival of the main character, is mean, self-centered, and cruel. Team Rocket members Jesse and James are thieves, criminals, stuck up, and even cross-dress on occasion. Brock, a close friend and companion of the main character, constantly pursues women and can be described as sex-crazed. Do you want YOUR children to emulate the cross-dressing nymphomaniacs of the Pokemon universe? Of course not! Yet these moral-lacking characters make appearances in nearly every game and episode of this obviously evil franchise.

While some might say the ways in which the characters of the Pokemon universe continuously travel around the world in their misguided attempt to "Catch 'em all" is reminiscent of Moses leading the Jewish people through the deserts of Egypt for four decades, I disagree. The search for supernatural power through Pokemon is far from the divine Biblical journeys where closeness to God, not association with 150 evil creatures, is the ultimate goal. In short, Pokemon promote the occult instead of proper Biblical values and should thus be destroyed.

Take the time to educate your children about what is right - that Pokemon are agents of the Devil and that glory lies with God, not the staging of brawls between monsters. Tell them that the power Pokemon possess have one intention - to keep innocent, God-fearing children from knowing Him and experiencing His benevolent plan for their life! If they walk with God they will understand; if they do not, seize their poisonous Pokemon paraphernalia and burn it. Hopefully they will come to see their sins and repent.

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