Wedding Scripts

Marriage Script

A wedding is one of the most important rites of passage in life, and every couple wants theirs to be meaningful, unique and memorable. Tailored wedding scripts provide a wonderful opportunity to showcase a couple’s commitment to each other and illustrate the strength of their relationship. Before performing a ceremony, a wedding officiant should help a couple come up with the perfect script for their important day. Here are a few pointers to consider when creating wedding scripts.

Religious or Secular

The first decision that most ministers and couples must make regarding wedding scripts involves religion. Some couples are adamant about incorporating religious beliefs into their ceremony, while others prefer a completely secular service. In recent decades, it has also become more common for couples from different cultures or religious backgrounds to combine different elements important to each of them and create an entirely unique ceremony.

Input From the Couple

A great wedding script should always be personalized to fit the couple. It’s absolutely essential for the officiant to meet with the couple prior to the ceremony to get feedback on the script and offer input for how to improve it. You might also ask the couple to share stories of important dates or special moments in their relationship so you can weave these into the script and really impress the audience.

Unity Ceremonies

An often-overlooked addition to wedding scripts comes in the form of unity ceremonies. A unity ceremony typically comes at the end of the service, and involves a symbolic unifying act that forever binds the couple together. Popular examples include combining individual jars of sand into one, lighting a candle together, or planting a tree. All of these ceremony additions can be explored in our interactive Wedding Ceremony Script Generator.

Creating the perfect wedding script for a couple takes research, creativity, and an understanding of what inspires people. If that’s a challenge that interests you, get ordained today and begin writing the perfect wedding script for your favorite couple to make their big day unforgettable.