Minister License

Marriage license

Most religious organizations require that an individual obtain undergraduate or graduate degrees before becoming a licensed minister. At the Universal Life Church, we accept applicants of any background, denomination, and education level because we recognize that religion and spirituality mean something different to everyone. We firmly believe you should have the right to chart your own spiritual journey unhindered by the shackles of traditional rules and doctrines. The ULC makes the process of getting your minister license a simple one.

Tips to Remember

As you obtain your minister license, there are certain details you should pay attention to, in order to ensure that the process is as seamless and fast as possible.

  • Always use your full legal name
  • Double check that your address and name are entered correctly
  • Remove any information from your application that isn’t true
  • Capitalize properly

Note that however your name is entered on the application is how it will be printed on your minister license, so you should take care when filling out the application. If there is any incorrect, false or misleading information, it may result in a rejected application.

What Can You Do With a Minister License?

Some choose to get their minister license to help others, some want to be part of a community with similar values and goals, and others want to perform sacred ceremonies. Some of the things you can do as an ordained minister include:

  • Legally officiate weddings
  • Preside over funerals
  • Perform baptisms
  • Start your own church or congregation

Becoming a minister allows you to perform ceremonies for family members, which can give them a more personal, intimate feel. We believe that all who desire to get their minister license should have the opportunity to do so. By knocking down the barriers to ordination, the ULC seeks to foster a worldwide community of ministers capable of forging their own paths and performing unique and meaningful ceremonies along the way.