How to Become Ordained in Utah

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Getting ordained in Utah is as easy as 1-2-3! It only takes a few moments to get ordained for free online through our website. Ordination will entitle you to perform all manner of legal ceremonies, including performing weddings.

Easy ordination is a rather new development. For centuries, ordination was reserved for a select and privileged few who had the time and money to invest into that goal. And many were prevented from ordination altogether through characteristics they couldn't change.

The Universal Life Church believes that everyone should be able to get ordained, and no artificial barriers should be placed in the way of those who feel the calling to ministry. Because of that philosophy, we've made ordination free, quick, and online.

Utahns are always ready to serve. The pioneering people of Utah have always been devoted to making their communities better and stronger - a set of values that corresponds swimmingly with the core values of the Universal Life Church. So, you probably wouldn't be surprised to learn that so many thousands of these hardworking Utahns have heard the call and made the choice to become ordained ministers of the ULC.

We'll take you through how your internet ordination works, discuss legal concerns you might have, and most importantly, show you how to get ordained in Utah!

1. Become an Ordained Minister in Utah

The first thing you'll want to do to get ordained online is by filling out the ordination form on our website. This form gathers basic information, but please be sure to double check everything before submitting! Once you've filled out the form, you'll be an ordained minister within seconds! To begin the ordination process, all you have to do is click the button below:

Start Your Ordination

Are you wondering how something like this can be so fast, easy, and free. At Universal Life Church Ministries, we believe first and foremost that ordination should have as few barriers as possible. It is our goal to bring ordination to those who may not have been able to attain it before, and we believe strongly that universal access to ordination is the best way to do so.

2. Put Your Ordination to Use in Utah

With the ordination form filled out and the confirmation email in your inbox, you can now figure out how you'd like to put your newfound ordination to good use. Use your ordination freely to carry out your ministerial duties throughout Utah, From Layton to Orem you can fulfill all sorts of ministerial tasks with ease.

As a minister of the Universal Life Church, you can:

  • Officiate wedding ceremonies
  • Perform baptisms and christenings
  • Preside over funerals
  • Oversee myriad other spiritual ceremonies

You can even open your own church! A handful of Utah ministers have already done so. To explore all the options now available to you as a Universal Life Church minister, head over to our Minister Training Center.

3. How Ordination Works in Utah

An overview of the history of ordination will help shine some light on why we make it free and easy. For centuries, ordination was a time consuming and sometimes expensive process. In short, ordination is the process by which one becomes a member of the clergy of a particular religious body. Faiths and denominations around the world have their own particular processes, but ordination often requires years of study, only after which would one be able to perform duties reserved for clergy.

This process was often reserved for a select few, and women were often excluded altogether.

Our philosophy is a little different. We believe in tearing down those barriers to ordination. It was that belief that led to our innovative ordination approach. We make ordination in Utah as easy as possible by removing those obstacles of the past; ordination with Universal Life Church Ministries is open to all, takes only a few moments, and is always free. This way we can ensure that anyone who feels the calling to ordination can meet it!

Ordination through ULCM also grants you the same rights other legally recognized religious bodies enjoy, meaning that, similar to other clergy, you are able to legally perform various ceremonies, including weddings!

4. Ordination Supplies Required in Utah

As you're thinking about to best use your ULCM ordination, you'll want to ensure that you have the proper tools to adequately perform your duties. Necessary items may change depending on location, but Utah ministers often report these are the most valuable:

Whatever your intentions are with your ordination, please always remember that we have a variety of educational resources online and items available in our shop to assist you!

5. Use Your Ordination to Perform Weddings in Utah

Ministers choose Universal Life Church ordination for many reasons, but one of the most popular is to officiate weddings. ULCM ordination grants you the legal right to perform weddings for friends and family.

Even in the blustery snow in Park City, Utah ministers could find themselves performing a stunning ceremony at the behest of a couple in need within their congregation. Maybe you'll be asked to do something unique, like solemnizing a modern wedding ceremony at an art gallery in SLC!

It's worth noting that you'll want to take a look at the wedding laws in your area before officiating a wedding. The legal obligation for officiants can change depending on your location, so always be sure to take a look at local requirements. To learn more about how to officiate in your area, check out our guide on performing a wedding in Utah.

How Utah Recognizes ULC Ordinations

Because Universal Life Church Ministries is legally recognized as a religious organization in Utah, they have all the rights and privileges of other religious bodies - including ordination. Those ordained by the ULCM are granted the legal power of clergy, including the ability to officiate wedding ceremonies legally.

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