Wedding Certificate - Vintage Rose

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This vintage style high quality and full color marriage certificate would be perfect for the commemoration of any wedding performed by a ULC minister.

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Wedding Certificate - Vintage Rose Details

As the minister, you may want to give a gift to the couple to help them remember their special day. When choosing how to show your appreciation, consider this beautifully-designed certificate.

Featuring an elegant look with colorful red roses, any couple would be proud to have this hanging on their wall to mark the significance of the step they took in forming a lifelong bond.

Please note that this is a commemorative certificate, and does not substitute for a marriage license. Unlike a marriage certificate, a marriage license is a legal document that a government office will issue to record the union in their official records.

Copies of the marriage license are available to the couple, but as you might imagine from a crowded government document, they are far from worth framing.

ULC's decorative marriage certificates offer a stylish option for a wedding couple to commemorate their wedding day, while also allowing them to store the important legal record in their secure files.

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