Same-Sex Unions

In Premodern Europe

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Since the surge in same-sex marriages in the U.S., Author John Boswell has put together this history of same-sex unions in Europe throughout the decades.

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In Same-Sex Unions in Premodern Europe, the ever controversial divide between homosexuality and religious institutions is expanded upon by Author John Boswell. Although same-sex marriages were not accepted in the US until recent years, Boswell aims to show that same-sex unions have been quite common in Europe for some time. With examples spanning across different languages and even a case from the fourth century between Basil I and Michael III, same-sex unions have been a part of life in Europe for centuries and it seems that the U.S. is actually behind the times. Same-Sex unions in premodern Europe is a great read for those ordained ministers who are curious about the history of same-sex couples and marriages.

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