Pandemic Wedding Set

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Holding a safe wedding ceremony during the pandemic requires adhering to guidelines closely. The Pandemic Wedding Bundle has everything you'll need to do so.

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Pandemic Wedding Set Details

There's no getting around it: these are difficult times. But we've been at this for a while now, and so long as proper precautions are taken, weddings can still be held. We all know the rules: remember to wear a mask, wash your hands with soap, hold gatherings outdoors when possible, and keep things socially distanced. Planning a wedding is no easy task with these protocols, but that's not stopping couples from pushing ahead and holding wonderful ceremonies anyway.

To help turn these dreams into a reality, the Universal Life Church Ministries is proudly introducing the "Pandemic Wedding Set." This limited-time package (hopefully a very limited time, fingers crossed) comes complete with a variety of essentials that any wedding minister performing a ceremony during COVID-19 will want to have on hand.

When it comes to beating this virus, we're all in this together – which is why the Pandemic Wedding Set also includes a set of 10 disposable face masks at no extra cost. In the event a guest forgets to bring one of their own, you'll be able to save the day with a backup!

This whole situation is far from ideal, but this kit will ensure that you're fully prepared to lead a meaningful ceremony that everyone can enjoy.

The Pandemic Wedding Set Contains:

  • Your Credential of Ministry
  • Your Wallet Sized Credential of Ministry
  • By The Power Vested In You
  • Two Certificates of Marriage
  • One set of Disposable Black Gloves
  • ULC Branded Mask with the color of your choosing
  • Ten Pack of Disposable Masks

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