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Universal Life Church Ministers Can Perform Weddings

A ULC minister can perform a wedding in the US

It is possible for a ULC minister to perform a legally-recognized wedding in 48 US states.

Anyone from anywhere in the world can gain the legal privilege of being able to perform a wedding in 48 US states simply by becoming legally ordained online through the Universal Life Church. The monopoly conventionally-ordained ministers have held on performing weddings for hundreds of years is over; your friends and family members can now do what used to take multiple years and thousands of dollars  to accomplish at a seminary or theological college. Our ministers have performed tens of thousands of legally-recognized weddings since the ULC Ministries was founded in 2006, making “wedding officiant” the most commonly-taken role amongst our members.

Information on the following wedding-related topics can be found in the “How To Be A Minister” portion of the Minister Training section:

How To Perform A Wedding

How To Plan A Wedding

Where Couples Can Get Married

Perform A Wedding As A ULC Minister

Follow the simple steps below to become an ordained minister through the Universal Life Church and officiate a wedding of your very own.

1. The first step to performing any wedding ceremony is to get ordained online through the ULC. If you are already ordained, contact us to make sure that your ordination is still on file. Having a ULC online ordination means that the state and county the marriage license is going to be filed in will give you the authority to solemnize a marriage there.

2. Keep your ordination account’s information accurate and up to date. Failing to do so could very well jeopardize your chances of successfully filing for a marriage license with a county clerk’s office in the event your ordination or the information on your documentation and credentials are called into question. Note: this step applies more to ministers who became ordained online a long time before they actually started looking into performing the wedding in question.

3. Verify with the county clerk where the wedding ceremony is going to be performed and the marriage license is going to be filed that they accept our ordination. If they do, inquire about what forms of documentation and credentials you will need to have in your possession when you attempt to file for a marriage license. Any variety of paperwork they mention, from letters of good standing to ordination credentials, can be found in the Ministry Products section of the ULC Ministries’s flagship site.

State Wedding Laws

The Minister Training section of this site has a page devoted to disseminating bsic information about state wedding laws. This page can be found here.

The main ULC Ministries wedding law database can be found on our site. It contains passages from the wedding laws of all 50 states (as well as several countries) and offers some insight on how to perform a wedding in those places as well.

Please be aware that two US states consistently do not accept our ordination; these states are Pennsylvania and Virginia. These states will probably not accept the ULC ordination, regardless of what forms of documentation you have to show them and how many weddings you’ve performed elsewhere.

The laws governing the issuance of marriage licenses are fairly convoluted and share few similarities between states, so always make sure you contact you county clerk of the county where the marriage license is going to be filed to make sure that they accept the ULC ordination and that you have the requisite credentials and documentation to file for the license.