Bride in carriage kissing groom after fairytale vow renewal
  • ~12 minute ceremony

Who said fairytales are only for kids? If a romance resembles a true fairytale, why not embrace it? This vow renewal script pulls from the fables we grew up with to help weave a powerful story of love and commitment.

Welcome Statement

Officiant (to guests):

Please be seated. On behalf of _______________ and _______________, I want to thank everyone for coming to share in this special occasion.

In a traditional narrative, your wedding day is the end-goal of a romantic relationship. It’s the “happily ever after” on the last page of every fairytale. Indeed the story is familiar to us all; a couple meets, gets to know one another, discovers each other’s quirks, flaws, and strengths. They learn to support each other, and comfort one another. They work to add something meaningful to each of their lives, and they fall in love.

In time they decide to make that sacred and time-honored commitment to spend their lives together and take that final jump together in marriage. Some might say that this concludes their story, but marriage is not meant to be the finale, but rather a new beginning. As one book comes to a close, another opens with chapters yet to be written.


Officiant (to couple):

_______________ and _______________, you have been on this adventure and shared in the magic and trials of married life for ___ years, and today you wish to renew your commitment to growing your relationship for many more to come.

May this ceremony remind you that despite the continued and inevitable ups and downs, your love, trust, and respect for each other will only increase your contentment in life, yourselves, and one another.

May your carriage never turn back to a pumpkin, may the clock never strike midnight, may your fairytale never come to an end. Here’s to new chapter after chapter together in marriage…

Closing Statement

[Officiant raises glass to couple]

Officiant (to guests):

…let us wish the (prince/princess) and (prince/princess) the happily ever after they deserve!

To _______________ and _______________!

Guests (in unison):

To _______________ and _______________!