Minister’s Wedding Speech

Couple Completing a Marriage Licence

Today’s wedding ceremonies have evolved from typical one-size-fits-all religious affairs to customized and unique services. The minister's wedding speech during the service can be carefully crafted to reflect each individual’s personality, as well as the couple’s beliefs and values. Instead of opening a book and reading from a pre-written generic script, officiants should consider creating an original service specifically tailored for the couple and their audience. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Quotes from Books or Movies

One popular idea that some couples enjoy is to incorporate elements from a favorite movie, book or television show into the service. Fans of a popular series can develop a fun theme for their wedding by working in well-known quotes during the ceremony. Ministers can work with couples to come up with a personalized script that captures the essence of a favorite story and weaving these ideas into the larger ceremony. Couples can also just select a few choice quotes and add them in wherever convenient.

Inspiring Messages or Scripture

Wedding ceremonies can also use inspiring messages or lines from scripture to make the script more spiritually significant. Ministers can work with couples to design a service that takes their religious preferences into account through use of scripture, significant readings, or other spiritual elements. It’s important to create a wedding ceremony which aligns with the couple’s deeply-held beliefs.

Personalized Vows

Some couples feel comfortable reciting a standard set of vows, while others may wish to write their own vows to make the words more meaningful. Officiants can guide couples during this process and give them ideas to help make the exchange of vows both touching and memorable. Personalized vows are a great way for the couple to share their intimacy with the attending friends and family.

Ultimately, the ideal minister wedding speech will vary depending on who the couple is and what type of ceremony they envision. If you need help putting together a script for your speech, don’t hesitate to check out ULC’s very own Wedding Script Generator.