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Where Couples Can Get Married

How To Choose A ULC Wedding Location

Choosing where you want to get married is arguably the most important decision a couple can make for their wedding. A good location will create many happy memories; a bad one, not so much…

Choosing a place to get married is one of the most exciting parts of an engagement. A prime location for the wedding is of the utmost important; it can create a blissful ambiance for the entire ceremony and reception if you pick a pleasant locale. A nice location will also make beautiful pictures and lasting memories, things you can look back on with pride for years to come. Nowhere does the phrase “do it once, do it right” apply more than with weddings – and yours in no exception! What follows are a few ideas for places where you can get married.



On A Boat

It is completely possible to get married on a boat, despite what landlubbers might think. A legal and binding marriage can be performed on a yacht, cruise liner, or dinghy as long as an ordained minister or wedding officiant is on the ship and performs the ceremony. There are a number of downsides to boat weddings, unfortunately; they can be costly, complicated, face major space restrictions, and are definitely not for those that get seasick easily.

In A Park

Parks are a great place for a lovely spring or autumn wedding. Summer may be too hot in most places, and winter would almost certainly be too cold. National and state parks may allow weddings, but you are more likely to find available space in city or county parks which receive less tourist visitors. Make sure to contact park authorities months in advance of the wedding day to ensure that you can reserve part of the park you are interested in for your ceremony. Omitting this step could jeopardize your park wedding altogether!

There are thousands of gorgeous park locations around the world, many of which are more beautiful than those you could find in the United States. You and your fiance could take a destination wedding to the Caribbean or Mexico, or even go further afield to places like India or the Mediterranean. An example of such a wedding would be the ceremony of American pop singer Katy Perry and English comedian Russell Brand who were recently married in India. They cited the country’s colorful, picturesque, pleasant, and spiritual atmosphere as the reason they decided to tie the knot in the western province of Rajasthan.

In Someone’s Backyard

If you have a friend or relative with a particularly beautiful yard, then their backyard could be the perfect place to get married. Marriage ceremonies held in a comfortable place allow for more creative freedom and a smaller price tag (provided your friend doesn’t charge you an arm and a leg to use their property, of course).

A Church

Your hometown church is a wonderful place to get married, if you are one who appreciates sentimental value for friends and family members. If you want your wedding to be held in a picturesque church, scout out locations that have massive cathedrals or churches with great artwork (stained glass windows, murals, tapestries, and the like). Ordained ministers who received their minister license from the ULC can be hired to marry you at any church you choose, even ones belonging to a conventional denomination.

On A Beach

Beach destination weddings are a popular choice. Aruba, Cancun, Hawai’i and even Southern California’s beach resort city of Santa Monica are great choices for your marriage ceremony. While it is unlikely you will get a conventional priest, pastor, or minister to brave the surf at any of these locations, rest assured that your friends or family members can become Universal Life Church ministers by becoming legally ordained online within a matter of minutes and at least one of them will surely do you the honor of officiating your beach wedding.

Choosing a special location for your wedding is important. Your wedding’s venue doesn’t need to be grand, expensive, or picturesque but it does need to be somewhere that you will look back fondly at. Your marriage will (presumably) be a life commitment, and you will want your ceremony to be as close to your dreams as possible. The above locations are just suggestions, and there’s a good chance you will find many more ideas that would suit your needs.