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New York gay marriage bill finds strong opposition

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An athlete and the Catholic Church speak out against same-sex marriage The night of June 23 was marked by the celebrations of millions of gay rights and same-sex marriage advocates across the country after the news of the New York … Continue reading

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NBC Under Fire for Not Being "Under God"

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Omitting parts of the Pledge of Allegiance during a US Open Broadcast creates a firestorm of fury from religious organizations. On June 19, 2011, NBC made a mistake they are sure to regret long into the future. During the opening … Continue reading

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Reaching Beyong the Void

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Miraculous Moments: True Stories Affirming that Life Goes On Elissa al-Chokhachy, MA, RN, CHPN   Birth, death and the order in which they fall are some of the only universal truths and consistencies throughout the entirety of mankind. Though some … Continue reading

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Islam in America

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Muslims across America are in the thick of celebrating Ramadan and are coming up with ingenious solutions to reconcile American culture and religious observance. Ramadan is a month long journey for Muslims as they seek to purify themselves and be … Continue reading

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