Wedding Minister

Wedding Minister

As the wedding minister, you will be a key part of the ceremony. You’ve been chosen by the couple for a reason; this is a chance to put your talents on display. You’re not a run-of-the-mill member of the clergy who recites the same boring lines and quickly collects a paycheck on the way out the door. No way! The ceremony you officiate will be carefully tailored according to the couple’s wishes and in harmony with their personal style. That’s what makes a good wedding minister!

If you’ve not yet become ordained, it’s a simple as visiting our website’s home page and filling out the ordination request form.

What Your Signature Means

Once you’ve performed the ceremony, as the wedding minister you’re required to sign the marriage license. Your signature affirms that the couple chose to enter into their union voluntarily, and that all the legal requirements for a ceremony have been met. Depending on the specific state’s wedding laws, one or two witnesses may also be required to sign the marriage license.

Meeting the Demands of a Changing World

We believe that every individual deserves the freedom to exercise their own personal religious beliefs. As more people reject the limitations of traditional religion and take charge of their own spiritual journey, they are seeing a real benefit in having a friends or family members officiate weddings. Not only are they able to plan out a completely customized ceremony, but that ceremony can then be performed by someone they know and trust deeply. What, truly, is more meaningful than that?

Becoming an ordained minister has never been easier with the help of the Universal Life Church. Our ordinations are recognized across the United States, and ULC ministers perform thousands of weddings each year. Know someone who’d make a great wedding minister? Point them our way!