ULC in the Press

As a leader in the intersection of technology and faith, the Universal Life Church is proud to use the power of the internet to help our ministers realize their goals and dreams. As technology shifts the future of faith, the Universal Life Church is committed to staying on that cutting edge by embracing new technology at every turn to better assist our ministers worldwide.

There is no better example of that commitment than our online ordination model, which allows anyone with an internet connection to get ordained online in just a few moments. We believe that by breaking down the barriers of the past, we can help realize a better future for anyone who feels so called to ordination. By empowering our ministers with easy access to ministry, we believe we empower a more inclusive world.

Because of this, the Universal Life Church has been covered in a variety of publications. Whether it’s an uplifting story of family members officiating a wedding for their closest loved ones, a celebrity getting ordained to perform weddings, or our legal fights to ensure that ordination access remains free and easy for everyone in the United States, check out these examples of some of our recent news coverage.

They Shared a Cab Ride, Then a Life Together

The New York Times covers the love story of David Raleigh and Rick Bahl, who met in New York City in 1995 and fell in love. 26 years later, they enlisted Universal Life Church minister Rhonda Ross-Kendrick, the daughter of Diana Ross and Berry Gordy, to help them tie the knot.

Carson Daly Officiated Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani's Wedding

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani began dating in 2015 after meeting as hosts on “The Voice”. When they decided to get married, they enlisted “The Voice'' host and their close personal friend Carson Daly to officiate their wedding. He got ordained by the Universal Life Church, and performed a beautiful ceremony for the two legendary musicians.

Universal Life Church files lawsuit in response to new Tennessee marriage law

The Universal Life Church will defend your right to practice your faith and officiate weddings anywhere in the United States. This article explores why we decided to sue county clerks in the state of Tennessee over a law preventing our ministers from exercising their legal right to free religious practice.

Couples turn to family and friends ordained online to officiate their weddings

With nationwide safety restrictions in place on events like weddings, couples turned to the Universal Life Church during the COVID-19 pandemic. Smaller, more intimate ceremonies became popular, facilitated by ULC’s instant online ordination. We’re proud that we could bring a bit of happiness to couples and families in this difficult time for everyone.

Officiating at a wedding? Prepare, share, get out of the way

In this article from Associated Press, a rookie Universal Life Church minister shares his story on being asked to officiate his best friend’s wedding, as well as his tips for would-be future officiants.