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Benefits Of Online Ordination

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An online ordination gives you more than just a piece of paper; it can provide memories, a job, and much more.

The Universal Life Church ordination has got to be one of the best deals on the internet. Anyone who holds one of our online ordinations immediately gains access to a number of privileges, many of which are traditionally only available to conventional clergy who spend years training in theological colleges to earn them. By far the best part of this “deal” is that we only offer free ordinations; while many online ministries charge what essentially amount to annual membership or renewal fees, the ULC abstains from such greedy practices and only charges its ministers when it absolutely needs to.

Furthermore, the ULC’s online ordination has a number of advancement opportunities built within it. You can start your own church or ministry and people will look upon you with respect when they learn of your great theological knowledge.

We highly recommend you get ordained online with the ULC today! The online ordination process is free, only takes a couple of minutes, yet will last for your entire lifetime. If you haven’t yet been convinced to become a minister through the Universal Life Church, read below to see what services and privileges you can take advantage of if you do.



Become A Minister In 48 States

The Universal Life Church’s ordination is recognized as being legally the same as the ordinations belonging to conventional church denominations in all but two states in the United States. This means that our ministers are no different than a Catholic priest or Lutheran preacher in the eyes of every state government in the US except for those of Pennsylvania and Virginia.

Perform Wedding Ceremonies

ULC ministers can officiate weddings in the 48 states mentioned above as our ordination gives them the authority to solemnize marriages within them. Before you perform a wedding ceremony, always call the county clerk of the county where the ceremony is to take place to a) verify that the clerk will accept your ministers license and b) determine what forms of ministerial documentation and credentials you will need to show to said clerk to file for a marriage license. Reference our State Wedding Laws section for additional information concerning how states perceive the legality of online ordinations.

Conduct Funerals And Burial Ceremonies

State laws frequently do not allow laypeople to collect a body from a morgue for the purpose of bringing it to a burial or funeral ceremony unless they are an ordained minister. A small minority of our ministers joined our online ministry for this exact reason, and you can too.

Start Your Own Church

Start a church with an online ordination

You can start your own church with a ULC online ordination!

While most of the people who have joined the ranks of the Universal Life Church have done so to perform wedding ceremonies, a handful of ministers have founded their own churches. The ULC does not partner with affiliate churches, but we are more than happy to assist in any way we can whenever one of our pastors founds their own congregation. The Starting A Congregation section has introductory materials to get you started.

Earn Tax Free Status

Starting your own religious organization can give you and your work a number of state and federal tax breaks, although we don’t recommend that you bank on receiving this privilege. Instead, we strongly advise you read up on tax guides for churches and non-profit organizations by checking out the financial advice found within some of the legal books carried in our church store.

Earn Income

Few jobs in America can earn a person $250 an hour, but being a talented wedding officiant for hire happens to be one of these jobs. Many Universal Life Church ministers perform marriage ceremonies for strangers and can earn tens of thousands of dollars a year for their services. Furthermore, you can create full-time employment for yourself by starting your own church and trading your spiritual knowledge, advice, and counseling for the donations of your congregation.

Perform Chaplain Work

Presiding over a congregation within the restricting walls of a church is not for every ordained minister; many choose to offer their ministerial services as chaplains in hospitals and prisons. ULC ministers have provided valuable counseling and last rite services to disturbed, troubled, sick, and dying men and women. If you are interested in becoming an army chaplain, more information can be found here.

Get A Title

Members of our online ministry can earn recognition from their online ordination by getting the title of a variety of religious officials; from the relatively commonplace priest, pastor, rabbi, reverend, imam and minister to the exalted titles of archbishop, deacon, patriarch, and pope. Our ministers can order their religious title from our church store.

Additional Information

Once you become ordained online with us, we encourage you to look at the following sections of this site to expand your knowledge base and be a better minister.

If you have become ordained through the ULC and are now looking for tips and advice on how to be a minister, please visit our “How To” minister guide. It contains articles about wedding planning, performing weddings, ceremony location tips, and information about chaplaincy, among other subjects.

Ministers who want to increase their spiritual knowledge by learning about the scores of major religions from around the world can get a primer of them in the Training and Education section. These faith groups have a myriad of ceremonies and festivals that would also be beneficial for fledgling theological scholars to study; your friends at the Universal Life Church have prepared a religious holiday guide to help you begin your work in this regard.