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How to Be a Minister

To be a minister of the church is to be a very important part of religion, conventional and unconventional (a la the Universal Life Church Ministries) alike. To get ordained as a minister means that you are a religious leader, one who teaches about the morality in religion as well as performs religious duties. For some, being a minister is also to accept a calling from God and to do His services.

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There are several ways to get ordained in order to become a minister. Although it depends on the denomination, most require that to be a minister you must have a sense of calling. Once you feel you have received the calling, an education is required in order to get ordained. You can go to a seminary, a theological college, or a divinity school (depending on what denomination you are a member of) to become educated in theology in order to become a minister. Once you finish with your education it is time to get ordained. This is done by being called for your ordination by church leaders. This is usually how the process is usually done in conventional religions. It is possible to get ordained online as well, if you are open to the idea of unconventional religions like the Universal Life Church, which allows you to get ordained online. The process in getting ordained online is much easier, as the ULC does not discriminate against anyone and their ordination process doesn’t require lengthy and expensive theological training. Anyone from any denomination – from any gender – can get ordained online by the Universal Life Church.

An ordained minister has several duties. They provide leadership and religious strength to their congregation and oversee their congregation’s religious worship. They are also tasked with ordaining other ministers as well as confirming younger persons as members of the church. Ministers also conduct marriage ceremonies, memorial services, and funerals. Most ministers are obliged to conduct all these matters when duty calls, however if you are ordained online through the Universal Life Church, you will generally perform marriage ceremonies from friends or family members, but can choose when you want to perform these services.

The role of the minister is a very important one in both the religious community and the community as a whole. The community looks up to the minister for religious leadership, and in return the minister provides religious strength as well as important duties for the community (like the aforementioned services). The Universal Life Church minister is also expected to spread its mantras:

“We are all children of the same universe” and “Do only that which is right”

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