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Is there anything in the history of the human race that has served to both unite and divide us as well as it? What began as a collection of mythological and spiritual beliefs amongst groups of pre-modern man has developed into the colossal mega-religions that are known and recognized throughout the world today. It is not a coincidence that the Christian cross and the Islamic star and crescent are some of the most-recognized symbols in the world; simply put, religion is an inseparable part of humanity.

The Universal Life Church Ministries is not like conventional religious organizations, nor many other online ministries. We refuse to smother our ministers with a prescribed set of religious beliefs, and abhor the thought of shoving dated dogma down their throats.

Instead, the ULC Ministries takes a progressive view on the religions of the world. “We are all children of the same universe,” and every religion can and must have equal bearing. It is the responsibility of every ULC Ministries minister to develop their spirituality by learning about many religious beliefs, not just a single narrow one. Believe what you want, how you want, but do not look down on others for their beliefs!

ULC Ministries’s Guide to Divinity – Encyclopedia of Religions

The Doctor of Divinity section on the ULC Ministries’s main site contains a cursory introduction to a wide variety of religions, from the aforementioned mega-religions to smaller, more alternative ones. Please read the pages in this section to become a more informed and educated religious scholar.

Read the ULC Ministries’s Guide to Divinity here.

This section of the Minister Training portion of is still under construction. Contact us to let us know what religion’s customs you are interested in and we will look to drafting an article about them.