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Minister Training

ULC Minister Training MaterialsThe Universal Life Church Ministries believes that minister training is an important part of every ULC minister’s spiritual development. Learning about other religions helps our ministers both become more knowledgeable spiritual scholars and become more open-minded about other belief systems.

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Because ULC ministers are legally able to perform wedding ceremonies in most states and counties in the United States, we strongly recommend you visit our wedding law, wedding training, and minister training sections of our flagship website to learn more about the most commonly provided service of ULC personnel.

How to Be a Minister

Unsure of how to become a ULC minister? Read below!The “How To” Guide to Being a Minister

We receive a myriad of questions from our legally-ordained ministers asking about topics ranging from what it takes to become ordained online, how to perform a wedding, and what practices ULC pastors should adhere to. We have prepared a series of “How To” guides to answer these questions and to establish what it takes to be a minister with the Universal Life Church.

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Frequently Asked Questions about the Universal Life Church

ULC Minister FAQ'sIt is not unusual for people to have little understanding of what the Universal Life Church is and how its online ordination process works. Online ordination is a strange concept to many and a fearful one to some. An unfortunate by-product of the service the ULC provides – offering free online ordinations to anyone – is that some uninformed individuals harbor resentment against it based off of misconceptions. Even those who take no offense to the ULC frequently do not know how it operates. ULC ministers must take measures to both combat misconceptions and educate the unaware whenever and wherever possible.

Please take a moment to read the following FAQs so that you can disseminate accurate information about the Universal Life Church Ministries.

What are the Universal Life Church Ministries?

The Universal Life Church is a coalition of non-denominational online ministries that offer online ordinations to anyone in the world. The ULC Ministries is the largest federation of ULC ministers in the world and is also the world’s largest online ministry. It has ordained hundreds of thousands of ministers online and currently ordains more than 400 ministers per day! It is also a registered non-profit organization with the State of Washington and provides donations to a variety of charities with funds left unspent on its expenses.

Is the Universal Life Church / ULC ordination legal?

We’ve received many inquiries from people with this very question. Yes, the Universal Life Church / ULC online ordination is completely legal, and legally grants you all the rights and privileges of becoming a minister. Wedding laws are a bit more complicated, as they are drastically different from place to place. We strongly encourage our ministers to contact the county clerk of the county or counties where they are going to perform marriage ceremonies in or visit the ULC Ministries’s wedding law database to determine if that county – and the state it is located in – accept our ordination. Very few states and counties outright reject our ordination, though some require ULC Ministries ministers to jump through hurdles.

Do I need to receive any training to become legally ordained through the ULC?

Nope! While we would like for our ministers to learn about other religions and study spirituality, it is not necessary to take any courses to become a ULC minister. All it takes to for a person over the age of 18 to become ordained online through the ULC Ministries is a name, address, and e-mail address.

What can ULC ministers do with their ordination?

ULC Ministries ministers can legally perform wedding, baptismal, and burial ceremonies in most states and counties in the US (see “Is the ULC ordination legal?”). ULC ministers can also bless water and even start their own congregation, if they so choose.