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Minister Testimonials

Testimonials about the ULC ordination from our ministers

Read what out ministers have to say about wedding and other ceremonies they’ve performed on this page.

The following is a list of flattering things Universal Life Church ministers have said about the ULC Ministries, the process of online ordination, and what it is like to officiate wedding, baptismal, and burial ceremonies as a ULC minister. Every letter that appears below is unadulterated and genuine.

If you have pleasant things you would like to say about the ULC, the services our online ministry provides, or the services our ordination allows our ministers to perform for their communities, please e-mail us at We love to hear from our ministers so don’t hold back!

Rev. Stephanie Sorensen

“Thank you! The wedding [I performed] was fantastic. It was such a thrill to be able to be the one to say, “You are now Husband and Wife” for two people that I love so much. Thank you for creating an opportunity for me to do so!”

Rev. William Bailey

ULC minister officiating a wedding ceremony

“Since my visit to your site I have become ordained [and now] have the opportunity to be a part of the happiest day of peoples’ lives.”

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Universal Life Church Ministries for the opportunity to spread happiness and the joy of the Lord to the people of the world.

I have always had faith in our Lord and savior. As a child I accompanied my parents, Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins to our local church every Sunday religiously. Our Pastor had more passion when sharing the words of God, then any other man of God I had the privilege of listening to. If there would be any one clergy member I choose to emulate, it would be him.

About twenty years ago when I was in my twenties, I was at work having a conversation with an avid clergy member of a local church. During our conversation he asked me if I attended church. I told him that I attended church on certain occasions (weddings, funerals, baptisms, and holidays).

I then explained to him that I didn’t have to attend church in order to believe in God. He responded by comparing visiting church to exercising. He stated that faith in the Lord is like a muscle. If you don’t exercise the muscle, the muscle still exists however; it’s not as strong as it can be. Going to church is like exercising your faith, the more you go, the stronger your faith becomes.

Needless to say, the gentlemen made perfect sense, and at the very least he gave me something to think about. It is true that your belief in God can be practiced at home, in your car, in an empty field, etc. However, when physically attending church you get a chance to meet people and possibly learn something new about your faith or religion.

I am a disabled man that has difficulty performing basic functions that most take for granted. I do however; go to a local church from time to time to exercise my faith. When I located your website, my eyes opened wide and saw the opportunity to exercise my faith on a more regular basis. Since my visit to your site I have become ordained, created my own online ministry, have the opportunity to be a part of the happiest days of peoples’ lives (performing weddings and baptisms), and I am able to exercise my faith on a daily basis.

I thank you for this opportunity to serve God and better people’s lives by spreading his word.”

Rev. Valerie Adams

A ULC minister can officiate a wedding

“…Tears were brought to their eyes.”

“I performed my first ceremony this summer. I officiated for friends who wanted to have a re-marriage ceremony on their 25th wedding anniversary.

Knowing this couple well; I utilized passages from my ministers handbook of ceremonies and wrote a very personalized version just for them.

They were thrilled with the ceremony and several people in attendance told me later that tears were brought to their eyes. Also, an unmarried couple in attendance told me that they were moved to want to be married themselves!

All in all; it was a terrific experience for my first time. I am looking forward to moving forward with more ceremonies in the future.”

Rev. Doyle Banks

“Thank you for making [your] online ordination available. For years I have wanted to help friends and family with important life passages such as weddings and funerals but did not know how to do so legally. I had been ordained in a Christian denomination but resigned because of differing beliefs. Thanks to ULC, I can now offer my gifts to others in this way.”