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The Watchers

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Chances are, if you are a member of an orthodox Judeo-Christian faith, you aren’t familiar with a creepy cast member that is introduced in the Old Testament. The book of Genesis describes a type of being that lives in the … Continue reading

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God's Politics: Why the Right Gets It Wrong and The Left Doesn't Get It

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Where two conversational taboos meet, Jim Wallis artfully crafts a painfully accurate discussion on America’s shortcomings and the possibilities for change and improvements. Jim Wallis has done something big. He has communicated a new political platform that accurately uses religion … Continue reading

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Phantoms of the Bible

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Famous “biblical” passages that are oft quoted but never actually found anywhere, on any page, of any bible. Before you get your free online ordination, here is something to remember before officiating a ceremony or giving a sermon…. These phantoms … Continue reading

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The Legal Guide for Lesbian and Gay Couples

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This Legal Guide is a great resource for lesbian and gay couples in almost every situation.     Wading through red tape and legalities is never simple, however, for marginalized populations it can be astoundingly and earth shatteringly complicated. In … Continue reading

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