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9 Reasons to Become an Ordained ULC Minister

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Many people have a hard time believing that ordination through the Universal Life Church is legitimate, but it’s true. Ministers of the ULC are real ministers. The ULC is a real church, with a charter, doctrine of beliefs, a sanctuary, … Continue reading

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Online Ordination Frequently Asked Questions

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An online ordination can be obtained through the Universal Life Church, also referred to as the ULC, an online ministry which was founded in 2006 in Seattle, WA. This legal, government-recognized ordination will provide you with your minister license and … Continue reading

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A Universal Life Church Primer

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How to Become Ordained Being called to become an ordained minister is a spiritual adventure that many people may not choose to follow because they believe that becoming ordained is a long, drawn-out process. But becoming ordained in order to … Continue reading

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Sacramental Wine

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Sacramental wine has been an integral part of the Christian religious tradition for centuries. The Universal Life Church Ministries is proud to be the only online ministry that caters to this tradition by offering a diverse selections of sacramental wines … Continue reading

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