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Taxes, One of Life's Few Guarantees

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Although a necessary part of any society, taxes are becoming continuously more cumbersome and complicated with an ever growing list of regulation and rules that rarely translate from person to person. Here at the ULC Ministries, we want to make … Continue reading

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Homosexuality is Neither Sinful nor Immoral

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By Rev. Thaddeus Ping I am writing a few words about homosexuality and why it is neither sinful nor immoral. For the record I am completely heterosexual. I was raised as a Catholic, and in my younger years was much … Continue reading

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By: Steven Friedman – Guest Bloggger I heard the anxiety in my mother’s voice when I announced some thirty years ago that I no longer believed in God. “Maybe you should talk to someone,” she said. I was 19 and … Continue reading

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Raising Your Vibration

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By: Wendy Rae – Guest ULC Ministries Blogger You Are Energy Did you know that your well-being vibrates and communicates to the universe and others in an invisible and undetected way?  While raising your vibration has become somewhat of a … Continue reading

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